Cold Sandwiches

The Figgy Pig - French Brie with French Black Fig Jam,
Prosciutto di Parma, and arrugula on a demi baguette 14

Provence - French brie, sizzled all natural Berkshire ham, with crisp apple & dijon honey mustard on a demi baguette 12.5

Mean Mama - All natural  roast beef, Vermont cheddar, red onion and horseradish sauce on ciabatta 12.5

Hangry Man - All natural  roast beef, sauteed onions, greens and zesty aioli on demi baguette 12.5

Turkey Tango - Cold all natural turkey with avocado, tomato, greens and mango habanero aioli on a ciabatta roll 12.5

BLT - All natural small batch fruitwood smoked bacon, greens, sliced tomato and mayo on buttered grilled toasted rye 12.50

Borgia - Piave Vecchio sharp Italian cheese and Spanish Serrano Ham, drizzled with extra virgin olive oil on a ciabatta 12.5

Meadowlark - Fresh Goat Cheese 
with roasted peppers, cucumbers and greens drizzled with extra virgin olive oil served on a ciabatta 12

Bruno - Sopressata, Fontina Val D'Aosta, tomato, greens, with extra virgin olive oil served on a ciabatta 12.5

Nine to Five - All natural turkey, French Emmenthal ( Swiss type), honey mustard, tomato & greens on ciabatta 12.5

Porch Pig - Pate mousse, cornichons (little pickles) , grainy mustard and greens on a demi baguette 13.5

Grilled Sandwiches

Melty Mouse - A tangy, stretchy, secret blend of delicious cheeses melted together 8.5

Melty Madame - Melty Mouse with a fried egg. 10.5

Melty Monsieur - Melty Mouse with a fried egg and sizzled all natural Berkshire ham 13.5

​Turkey Reuben - All natural turkey, Emmenthal (Swiss cheese), sauerkraut,Thousand Island dressing 12.5

Shelburne Vermont Cheddar 8.5

Wowie Zowie - Gruyere and all natural roast beef, sauteed onions and zesty aioli 12.5

French Mouse - French brie & apricot jam, a long time favorite 10

Cheesy Chin - Huntsman (Cheddar/English Stilton) & sweet roasted garlic onion jam 11

Swamp Yankee - Vermont Cheddar with blueberry jam 10

Cowboy - Vermont cheddar and pepperjack with hot pepper jelly 10

Wise Greek - Bucherondin ripened goat cheese & fig ginger jam 11

Country Mouse - Fresh mozzarella, imported Italian pesto (contains nuts) & tomato 11​

Hamlet - Sizzled all natural  Berkshire Ham & French Emmenthal (like swiss) w/ dijon 12.5

Northern Comfort - VT Cheddar, bacon, tomato 

Veggie Mouse Grilled - Hummus, greens, carrots, avocado, roasted tomatoes & sweet roasted garlic jam 12

The Mickey - Horizon Organic American cheese 7.5


Salima -  100% sheep milk  Greek feta, Kalamata olives, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. Served with House made simple balsamic vinaigrette 13.5

Blue Skies - Buttermilk blue cheese on greens with walnuts, cucumbers & apples. Served with House made black raspberry dressing 13.5

The Pasture - Bucherondin ripened goat cheese on greens, with roasted peppers, shredded carrots & fresh tomatoes. Served with House made fig and balsamic dressing 13.5

Side Salad - Greens with cucumber, shredded carrots, and tomato. Served with balsamic vinaigrette 7.5

 fried egg 2,  tom 1,  jam 1.5
Add all natural roast beef or bacon 3.5, ham or turkey  3 
Add vermont cheddar, swiss, raclette,  or buttermilk blue cheese 2.5

 Cheese & Charcuterie Plate
 (meal for 1 or snack for 2) 20
Double Nibble 40
Triple Nibble 60

 Our Mongers will choose 2 or 3 Cheeses  and 1 meat (or all cheeses), served with cornichons, a condiment and bread

We make the best sandwiches, salads, and Charcuterie plates!
We have Cafe Seating outside and inside with BYOB Wine & Beer

Friday 11-6      Saturday, Sunday, Wednesday & Thursday 11-5

*Kitchen closes 1/2 hour before closing, please call in your order if running late
*Masks required inside the shop, indoor seating only for fully vaccinated individuals

*Thoroughly cooking eggs and meat helps prevent food borne illness 


The Champion
House roasted all natural roast beef, Champignon mushroom brie, sautéed onions and arrugula grilled on whole wheat  15 

 Chive Turkey
All natural turkey with Cotswold (creamy cheddar with chives and fresh tomato grilled on sourdough white 12.5


Point Reyes Toma with fresh tomato and aged balsamic grilled on whole wheat 12

House Made Soup
Split Pea Soup made with Prosciutto
Cup 4.99     Bowl 7.50