We are filling cheese, gourmet and sandwich orders in chronological order. Please email or call in your order well in advance if you would prefer to pickup at a specific time. Please include your phone number. We are taking orders and cash or charge payments outside as well. Thank you!

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Cold Sandwiches

Provence - French brie, sizzled ham, with crisp apple & dijon honey mustard on a demi baguette 11.5

Parisien - Ham & Comte French Gruyere w/butter on demi baguette 12.5

Turkey Tango - Cold all natural turkey with avocado, tomato, greens and mango habanero aioli on a ciabatta roll 11.5

BLT - All natural small batch fruitwood smoked bacon, greens, sliced tomato and mayo on toasted rye 9.5

Mona Lisa - French brie, slivered apricots, raspberry peach champagne jam, and greens on a ciabatta roll 10.5

Borgia - Piave Vecchio sharp Italian cheese with a slice of Spanish Serrano Ham, drizzled with good olive oil on a ciabatta 12.5

Meadowlark - Fresh Goat Cheese 
with roasted peppers, cucumbers and greens drizzled with good olive oil served on a ciabatta 11

Bruno - Sopressata, Fontina Val D'Aosta, tomato, greens, with good olive oil served on a ciabatta 12.5

Veggie Mouse Cold - Hummus, greens, carrots, avocado, roasted tomatoes & sweet roasted garlic jam served on a ciabatta 11

Nine to Five - All natural turkey, French Emmenthal ( Swiss type), honey mustard, tomato & greens on ciabatta 11

Porch Pig - Pate mousse, cornichons (little pickles) , grainy mustard and greens on a demi baguette 11.5

Melty Mouse - A tangy, stretchy, secret blend of delicious cheeses melted together 8.5

Melty Madame - Melty Mouse with a fried egg. 10.5

Melty Monsieur - Melty Mouse with a fried egg and sizzled ham 12.5

French Mouse - French brie & apricot jam, a long time favorite 9

Squawk & Oink - Raclette cheese, all natural turkey, bacon & mayo 12.5

Cheesy Chin - Huntsman (Cheddar/English Stilton) & sweet roasted garlic jam 9.5

Cowboy - Vermont cheddar and pepperjack with hot pepper jelly 9

Swamp Yankee - Vermont cheddar and blueberry jam 8.5

Wise Greek - Bucherondin ripened goat cheese & fig ginger jam 10

Country Mouse - Fresh mozzarella, imported Italian pesto (contains nuts) & tomato 10.5​

Hamlet - Sizzled Ham & French Emmenthal (like swiss) w/ dijon 11

Northern Comfort - VT Cheddar, bacon, & tomato 10.5

Veggie Mouse Grilled - Hummus, greens, carrots, avocado, roasted tomatoes & sweet roasted garlic jam 11

Grilled Sandwiches

House Salad - greens, shredded carrots,  cucumber and tomato. Served with dijon shallot dressing  8.5

Salima - Authentic 100% sheep milk  Greek feta, kalamata olives, onions, cucumbers and tomatoes. Served with simple balsamic vinaigrette 13.5

Blue Skies - Buttermilk blue cheese on greens with walnuts, cucumbers & apples. Served with black raspberry dressing 12.5

The Pasture - Bucherondin ripened goat cheese on greens, with roasted peppers, shredded carrots & fresh tomatoes. Served fig and balsamic dressing 12.5

Bread choices - 
sourdough white, multigrain, rye or rosemary focaccia for extra dollar

Ploughman's Lunch Grilled Cheese
Farmhouse cheddar, Blue D'Auvergne, sliced apples and
 Branston Pickle (a chutney) 13.50

Spoiled Vegetarian grilled cheese - Blue D'Auverne, scrambled egg, avocado, roasted tomatoes and mango habanero aioli 13.5

Tomato soup

Cup 5
Bowl 6.5

The Bell Man Grilled Cheese
Parrano gouda, sizzled ham, dijon mustard, roasted garlic onion jam and thinly sliced red onion  13.5​

Add a fried egg 2.00
Add ham or turkey 2.50


Spindrift all natural seltzers 2.5
raspberry lime lemon
orange mango

Water 1.75
Pellegrino 1.95
Orange Juice 3

Mexican cokes 2.5
Diet coke can 2.5

Boylan sodas 2.5  
black cherry
creamy red birch
shirley temple

Straight up tea - unsweetened 2.5

Nantucket Nectars- 2.5
half & half
orange mango
watermelon strawberry

Chips  2oz

sea salt 2
bbq 2
cheddar horseradish 2
sour creme and onion 2
truffle 2

lg sea salt chips 5oz  4.5

The Harlech Grilled Cheese
​Harlech horseradish parsley cheddar, Vermont cheddar, fresh tomato