Cheese Categories
Bloomy rind cheeses (Brie Types)​

Washed Rind (Pungent and Stinky)

Firm Cheeses

Hard and Sharp Cheeses

Goat Cheeses

Sheep  Cheeses

Blue Cheeses


 Our platters fall into two categories:
Nibbles or Monger's Cheese and Charcuterie Plates.
 Our Mongers  will choose the specific cheeses and charcuterie, along with appropriate condiments. 
 You can choose cheese categories and sometimes specific requests can be made.
Platters are first come first serve,  and we get busy and backed up so order as far ahead as you can.

 Nibbles - Small plates

Take on average, 20 -45 minutes for our Mongers to prepare. We do appreciate as much notice as possible.
Our Mongers will choose 2-5 cheeses, charcuterie and appropriate accompaniments, and bread or crackers

The Nibble - a meal for one or snack for two   24
The ​Double Nibble - a meal for two or snack for four  48
The Triple Nibble  - a meal for three or a snack for six 72

Mongers Cheese & Charcuterie Plates

Please order at least a day in advance. 
Mongers plates take time.
 Day of orders, will usually be end of day.
Orders that must be picked up before noon will incur an additional 15.00 fee

Our Mongers will choose 3-5 cheeses with charcuterie, and accompaniments and sliced bread

Mongers for 4 -serves 4 (snack for 8)  96

Mongers for 6 - serves 6 (snack for 12)  144

Mongers for 8 -serves 8 (snack for 16) 192

Mongers for 10 - serves 10 (snack for 20) 240

Mongers for 12 - serves 12 (snack for 24)  288

(Order holiday platters as soon as possible. Orders often get cut off a week or so before major holidays.)