Bloomy and soft cow Types
*Harbison - Spruce banded award winning, complex and tasting of sunflower seeds
Delice de Bourgogne triple creme - fluffy, creamy, the favorite!
*Brillat Savarin- Triple creme 1lb wheels with decadent creamy texture and flavor. The perfect desert cheese to serve with fruit, sweets and Champagne!
D'Affinois double creme - buttery, mild, spreadable, loved by children young and old
Saint Angel triple creme - dense, rich, silky texture and less salty than most triple cremes. 2lb square sold as whole, half, or quarter piece
Fermier Brie - (Farmer's Brie) We sell this as our go to Camembert, for those of us that love broccoli and earthy flavors  
Four Fat Fowl small format , local triple creme - firmer texture, buttery and a bit earthy. sold as whole or half wheel
Nancy's Old Chatham - cow & sheep double creme - smooth, rich, and buttery with slight bite from the sheep's milk
Brie Mon Pere classic brie - slightly firm, subtle and nuanced
Fresh Mozzarella Individual, half pound container with two balls. USA
Halloumi cow, sheep, and goat blend. Squeaky and great for grilling. Frequently served with fresh lemon, olive oil and herbs.

Sheep Cheeses
Le Secret de Compostelle - Ossau Iratty. Complex, artisanal French Basque cheese with silky smooth firm texture and a natural rind.
Petit Basque- A young Ossau Iratty with light wax exterior. This one pound wheel has a clean delicate flavor and tender texture. Sold as a whole or half wheel.
Moliterno Sardo - Sardinian medium strength cheese with a delicate coarse texture. Not too salty, with hints of olive oil and almonds 
Moliterno al Tartufo - Moliterno Sardo with intensely rich veins of truffle which melt in your mouth. Truffle lovers rejoice! 
Pecorino Romano Rex- The most powerful, the sharpest and saltiest of the pecorinos that we carry. The perfect cheese for shaving and grating onto strong hearty dishes made with ingredients such as tomato, arugula, beef and pork.
Manchego- 1 year - Firm perfect snacking cheese from Spain with hints of lanolin, golden hay and almonds. Pairs perfectly with Serrano ham, membrillo quince paste and Marcona almonds.
Rosemary Manchego - Delicious Manchego with a thick layer of rosemary on the exterior. The rosemary flavor is infused into the cheese.
Buttery Firm Alpine Cheeses and Alpine Types
Cave Aged Gruyere 1 year - an authentic AOC grass fed Swiss Gruyere, not to be confused with American knockoffs. Rich, strong and nutty with with layers of onion and herbal flavors.
French Comte - Marcel Petite Fort Saint Antoine. Our favorite Comte, mild, buttery, with layers of intricate floral flavor
Other Alpine Cheeses
(we bring in different ones each week). All wonderful interpretations of those rich, nutty, floral or herbal grass fed flavors that originate only in the Alps.
Some frequent visitors are:

Fontina Val D'Aosta - the real Italian Fontina. A wondeful snacking cheese, but also an essential ingredient in so many Italian dishes
 Emmenthaler - the real "Swiss". Grass fed from the Swiss Alps, with a natural rind
Laita Emmenthaler- simple emmenthaler with wax rind from France
Non AOC Gruyere - A basic gruyere type from Switzerland with a wax rind, but delicious nevertheless
Goat Cheeses
Firm, Hard and Sharp Cow
Blue Cheeses
Cana di Cabra ripened goat log from Murcia, Spain. Full of tang, our go-to goat cheese..
Tomme de Chevre Grand Mere Adrienne - Made by Jacquin, traditional ash ripened goat cheese with a bright buttermilk and lemon tang spike. Small 2 lb wheel sold as whole, half, or quarter piece.
*Chabichou du Poitou - rich, silky and full flavored tang. This small format cylindrical French goat cheese tends to ripen more thoroughly and evenly and can therefore reach perfection. Sold by the piece
Humboldt Fog - ripened goat cheese from California has a line of ash running through the center. An approachable cheese with less tang and earthiness than many goat cheeses. 1lb wheel, sold as whole, half or quarter.
Drunken Goat surprisingly
 mild, creamy, firm, and smooth and soaked in red wine. AKA Murcia al Vino, from Spain.
Garrotxa - traditional hard Spanish Catalonia cheese. 2lb wheels aged in caves, with natural grey mottled rind and hints of mushroom and light toasted hazelnut flavor.. Sold as a whole, half or quarter wheel. 
Gjetost - Pronounced "yay toast" Traditional Norwegian cheese made from whey. Very much like caramel, with a tiny tart aftertaste. Texture is like fudge. 
*Purple Haze - Individual 1/4 lb wrapped fresh chevre with fennel and lavendar.
Chef Chevre - fresh tangy creamy spreadable goat cheese from Laura Chenel in California
*Bonne Buche- small round of gooey flavorful ripened cheese from VermontCreamery.
*Bijou - One package of two little  French style little Crottin from Vermont Creamery. Delicious and charming
Piave Vecchio Blue
Picante Provalone
3 Year Parmigiano Reggiano
*Vacche Rossa - Red Cow Parmiggiano
Vella Dry Jack 
Sottocenere -Trully unique truffle cheese from Italy with subtle sweet spices and coated in ash
Roquefort (sheep milk)
English Stilton-Colston Bassett
Arethusa Blue
Dolce Gorgonzola
Bleu D'Auvergne
Cambozola Black
Saint Agur
Point Reyes
7 Year Quebec-the sharpest, makes the corner of your mouth pucker up
Prairie Breeze-second sharpest, buttery, sweet. Amish cattle and Mennonite cheese makers
Avonlea of P.E.I - English farmhouse style, sharp, complex and a bit bitter
Shelburne Farms - semi sharp, buttery, earthy. easy going but complex
*Flory's Farm Truckle- English Farmhouse style from Missouri, sharp and a bit sweet
Cabot Pepperjack- mild pepperjack
Four Alarm Cheddar- spicy, like pepperjack
Ford Farm Smoked Cheddar-very smoky and a bit sharp
Taleggio - classic Italian
Prufrock - Martha's Vineyard
Oma - Von Trapp, VT 
Raclette - French raw milk
*Epoisse - Individual wheel approximately 1/2 lb. One of the greatest of all washed rind cheeses
Washed Rind and Pungent


Please order in:    small 1/3lb ( 1/3 lb is our smallest custom cut).   average 1/2lb,         medium 3/4lb,      large  1lb,       or larger.....   
Visiting Cheeses are marked with an asterisk * 
​Parrano- Young cows milk, sweet and nutty  
Five Year- cow, very hard, crumbly, sweet, sharp and caramelly
Lambchopper - Cypress Grove, sheep and aged 3 months. Fresh tasting, creamy yet firm texture with subtle sweetness.
Ewephoria - sheep, grazed on mineral rich land reclaimed from the sea, part of a nature preserve. This cheese has cotton candy sweetness and a firm crumbly texture infused with crunchy bits.

Midnight Moon - Cypress grove, aged 6 months or more. Firm smooth texture and tastes of brown butter and butterscotch.
Honeybee- honey infused goat gouda, very smooth