Jams & Honey
L'Epicurean - from France

Quince Paste 4.4oz - for Manchego and Sheep Cheeses

Mirabelle or Plum Confit with Alsace Wine and Cumin 4.4oz - for Washed rind pungent cheeses and Epoisses

Apple Cider Confit with Calvados 4.4oz -for Camembert,  Pont L'Eveque and assertive brie types

Fig and Walnuts Confit 4.4oz - for Goat's Cheese

Confit of Violet Flowers 4.4oz -  Triple Creme

Sauvignon White Wine Confit 4.4oz - Alpine Cheese

William's Pear Confit with White Wine 4.4oz - for Roquefort and Blue

Confit of Figs and Balsamic Vinegar 8.6oz 

Very Strawberry Preserves 11.3oz

Vine Peach Preserves 11.3oz

Wild Blackberry Preserves 11.3oz

Apricot and Lavender Preserves 11.3oz.



Sour Cherry



Dr. Pescia - Italy
 Acacia Tuscan honey .58lb

L'abeille Diligente - France
 Acacia honey with honeycomb
Creamy Flowers honey 5.3oz
Chestnut tree honey 5.3oz
Creamy Flowers honey 1.8oz
Mountain honey 1.8oz

Mason Pebeyre - France
Truffle honey 8.8oz

L'Abeille Occitane
Pure Lavender honey 8.8oz
Pure Orange Blossom honey 8.8oz

Bee Raw Honey - USA
New York Basswood honey 10.5oz
North Carolina Sourwood 10.5oz
Georgia Tupelo 10.5oz
Matiz - Spain
Olivada - black tapenade made with Spanish Empeltre olives and olive oil 6.5oz
Romesco - traditional sauce made with tomatoes, almonds and hazelnuts 6.5oz
Garlic Spread - All i Oli made with sunflower oil, garlic, lemon juice & salt. Nice egg free substitute for mayonnaise 6.5oz
Arnaud -France
green olive spread with extra virgin olive oil, anchovies & herbs de provence 7oz
L'Epicurean - France
Shallots Confit 7.1oz
Artichoke Pesto 7.1oz
Bruschetta Eggplant and Red Pepper spread 7.1oz

Elki - USA
Artichoke Tomato Bruschetta 12oz
Artichoke Lemon Pesto 10oz

Ritrovo - Italy
Radici of Tuscany - White Cannelini Bean appetizer with olive oil and sage 12.7oz

Italian Castelvetrano bright green fresh olives
1lb bucket with pits
1lb bucket without pits
1/2 lb container with pits
6oz. container with pits

Spanish Natural Olives 12oz
Gordal Large Green with pits
Gordal Large Green without pits
Mixed Olives with pits
Mixed Olives without pits
Cornicabra brown olives with pits
Arbequina small brown olives with pits
Empeltre black olives with pits
Manzanilla green olives with pits
Alorena green olives with pits

French Olives
Olives Noires Aromatisees - black with pits, herbs de Provence and olive oil
Lucques - green with pits

Tillen Farms Olives from the USA
Bloody Mary Olives in Vodka with onion and sun dried tomato
Blue Cheese Olives in Vermouth
Lemon twist Olives in Vermouth
Garlic Jalapeno Olives in Vermouth

Pickles & Pickled Vegetables

Trois Petits Cochons - India
Cornichons (baby tangy pickles) 6.5oz
Cornichons Piquants (sweet & spicy baby pickles) 6.5oz

Matiz - Piparra peppers from Spain6.4oz

Tillen Farms- USA
Lemon Dill Pickles - spears 17oz
Pickled Dilly Beans 12oz
Pickled Classic Asparagus 12oz
Pickled Crunchy Carrots 12oz
Elki - USA Fire Grilled Mini Artichoke Hearts Antipasti
Mama Lil's - USA
Sweet Hot Peppas (Hungarian Goat horn peppers) in brine 12oz
Peppers (Hungarian Goat Horn peppers) in oil 12oz
Divina Roasted red peppers - Greece 16oz
Jansal Valley Hot Italian style chopped peppers - USA 16oz
Tutto Calabria - Italy
Calabrian hot Chili Peppers 10.2oz
Olives,Spreads, Pickles