Firehook - sea salt
               - multigrain
Croccantini - original sea salt
                   - multigrain
Crostini - rustic style  crackers with extra virgin olive oil
Petits Toasts
Waterwheel -  minis - very thin crackers
Onesto - sea salt gluten free
Onesto - rosemary gluten free
Effies -  Oatcakes
Rustic Bakery -  Apricot Pistachio & Brandy 
Raincoast  Crisps - oat original seed gluten free
                            - cranberry hazelnut
                            - fig and olive
                            - rosemary raisin pecan
                            - rosemary raisin gluten free
                            - salty date and almond
                            - apricot, fig and lemon
Stonewall - simple white
               - simple white gluten free
               - sea salt
               - sea salt gluten free
               - roasted garlic

Howards Artisanal Bread
Howards Artisanal hand made breads are baked, cooled and immediately frozen.
Bake these (from frozen) in a hot 350 oven on the rack, for 5-7 minutes. 
Simply thaw these and if you wish, warm or crisp in a 350 oven for a couple of minutes
Bialys - six pack 
Baps - six pack
Ciabatta Rolls - six pack
Sourdough white
English muffin bread
Multigrain Cranberry
Honey Wheat
Rye RaisinWalnut
Date Oat
Blue Cheese Walnut Fougasse
Olive Fougasse